Dean haFred Bittner_2s been my copy editor for the past few years, doing all of the editing for six of my books. . . . [he] was my first, and only, choice when I needed someone to partner with me in the writing process. I trust his skill, knowledge, and ability to make my writing comprehensible and well written.

Fred Bittner
Author of The Art of Worship, The God Whisperer,
The God Whisperer Daily Devotions, The Pursuit of God for Small Groups, and others.

If yoScott Bosleru are in need of a brilliant copy editor, you must make every effort to connect with Dean. I just completed a maiden voyage on a consumer-oriented book regarding personal lines insurance, and Dean’s contribution was invaluable. He took what was acceptable and made it exceptional. The process was seamless, straightforward and simple. Dean has my enthusiastic endorsement and I am confident, upon reflection, he will have yours as well.

Scott Bosler
Insurance Advisor
(Central Valley Insurance)
Author of The Circle of Safety: Protecting Yourself and Your Family with Critical Coverage

Dean Christensen is . . . thorough, thoughtful, perceptive and supportive. His John_L_Amstutz_photoediting ability greatly aids the author in more clearly and accurately expressing his message. I enthusiastically recommend him as a copyeditor.

Dr. John L. Amstutz
Missionary, professor, and pastor
Author of Making & Multiplying Disciples, Making & Multiplying Leaders, Planting & Multiplying Churches, and others

Mui VuongMr. Christensen is widely known for his passion and expertise for editing. Whenever we had brochures or any type of publication that needed proofreading, [we] sought out his exceptional editing skills.

Dr. Mui Vuong
Director, Educational Opportunity Program
California State University, Fresno

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