Grammar Funnies

Supposedly is standard English.
It’s true.
Apostrophe to Make a Word Plural
Sad. Very sad.
Commas are necessary_1
Commas do matter!
Apostrophes - Needless Ones
Stamp out apostrophe abuse.
Curious anagrams.
English Teachers Parties
Fun, fun, fun!

Apostrophe Graphic

Your and You're - The Difference
I can only imagine.
Awesome and Amazing
Overused words.
Should Have vs Should Of
Not “should of.”

Sloppy Joe's Hot Dogs

Psycho The Rapist (Psychotherapist)
Be careful where you divide words.
You know you're a writer when
Yep! And it’s worse when you’re also a copyeditor.
Abraham and Isaac - and the missing comma
Insert the comma!

After 60 years there backAlot is not a word

Batman, you're crazy
Batman and Robin find out the hard way.
On the road again . . .

Can't prove nuthin

Yay, yea, yeah
Yes, there is a difference.

Here Lays

Couldnt have got this farYou're graduation head quarters