Grammar Funnies

Be sure to choose the right word.
Entering grammer hell will be painful
A horrific punishment!
Yes, I do know parking.
Lot’s of unneeded apostrophe’s there!

Funny/not funny (credit: The Babylon Bee)
What did the Morans do to deserve this?

There, Their, Your, You're
Just so that you know.
Portmanteau words are fantabulous!
“I personally believe” she’s right.
It’s true.
Shakespearean Insults
Please insult responsibly.
Apostrophe to Make a Word Plural
Sad. Very sad.
English Teachers Parties
Fun, fun, fun!
Fun with punctuation on Election Day 2020.
Commas are necessary_1
Commas do matter!
Curious anagrams.
Rewriting history - misspelled and mispunctuated
Sad, but true.
Sometimes it’s just better to stick with the tried and true.
Apostrophes - Needless Ones
Let’s stamp out apostrophe abuse.
Apostrophe Graphic
Take it easy with the apostrophes.
Supposedly is standard English.
Your and You're - The Difference
One can only imagine.
Awesome and Amazing
Overused words.
Should Have vs Should Of
Not “should of.”
Sloppy Joe's Hot Dogs
After all, it is possessive.
Psycho The Rapist (Psychotherapist)
Be careful where you divide words.
Abraham and Isaac - and the missing comma
Proper use of commas can make a big difference in meaning.
After 60 years there back
Yes, they are.
Alot is not a word
A lot of people say “alot.”
On the road again . . .
Watch out, Batman!
Very punny.
Yay, yea, yeah
Yes, there is a difference.
Here Lays
Stubborn to the end.
Couldnt have got this far
D’oh! It’s “have,” not “of.”
You're graduation head quarters
You are, eh?
Lie down, not lay down
Could this be the number one misusage in English?
Email problems
Good writing takes work.
Not hoarding if it's books
Of course! You never know when you might need to consult or reread one.
Mix up two letters and your post is urined.
They’re easy to do.
Substitute damn for very
Twain was a damn funny fellow.
Why English is hard to learn
How many of these do you use? Spice up your writing with some of these humdingers.
Not enough bookshelves
Well, duh!
What are we giving up?
Eating chocolate for a month
Got to get the punctuation right.
Stamp out church violence!
Oy! This hurts my head!
OOPS! That’s just TOO much.
Is an “everyday God” anything like everyday shoes?
Let’s give him a break. After all, it IS a talking dog.
Uh, come again?
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