A Book-Signing and Nobody Shows

It can be discouraging.

Let me say at the get-go that this isn’t my personal story as I’ve not yet attempted to hold a book-signing event. But I can relate to the feeling of discouragement when writing and publishing a book that few people express interest in, far fewer actually purchase, and even fewer rate or review on Amazon or social media. It definitely can be disheartening. (Some of you are thinking, “Okay, cue the violin music; give him some cheese to go with that whine.”)

However, as this article about new author Chelsea Banning proves, underwhelming receptions of books and their authors is nothing new. In fact, it is probably the norm rather than the exception. Even famous published authors weigh in with their own accounts of spectacular book-signing duds.

Author Chelsea Banning

So, check out the article. I share it for my struggling-author friends who might need a word of encouragement.

And keep on writing!

Author: Dean Christensen

Educator, copyeditor, writer, baseball bug, word lover, book hound, guitar picker, classical music aficionado, classic rock 'n' roll and movie buff, sinner, saint, former this, used-to-be that, and future who-knows-what. Every day is an adventure in learning how to make the world a better place--grammatically, anyway.

One thought on “A Book-Signing and Nobody Shows”

  1. I saw this story floating around and can only imagine how empty my book signing events would be if there were any in my stead. But even if that happens, I wouldn’t even be mad, because when I was reading through the Reddit post on this story, far more popular people have also had empty events.

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