Once Darkness, But Now Light

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A veteran journalist and long-time adult-class Sunday school teacher penned these words after reading a pre-publication copy of my newest book:

“There’s really only one question I ask myself when judging the value of a book: would I read it again? I love to revisit the works of writers like C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers, William Law, Spurgeon, Dallas Willard. Andrew Murray and others. Their thoughts on the universal truths in scripture never grow old.

Once Darkness is a book I would read again. The truths expressed by Paul are universal and your exposition of the apostle’s words deepens our understanding. Your research and understanding of the subject matter is thorough. Your writing is clear and easy to understand. You have a knack for anticipating questions that might occur to readers and you satisfy that curiosity with a timely footnote or explanation.

“I liked the way you addressed the age-old debate about predestination and free will.  Citing the two views invites readers to dig deeper. You give your readers something to think about on every page. How encouraging it must have been for Paul’s readers (who were probably listeners as you point out) to be reminded that as Gentiles they were one with Jews in Christ. The summary and discussion questions after each chapter is a useful tool for leading a study of Ephesians. 

“To sum up, your theological knowledge,  writing and teaching skills and hard work have produced a spiritual feast for those who hunger to know God better through the writing of Paul.”

I hope you’ll obtain a copy for yourself. Click on the photo for a direct link to Amazon. Thanks.

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Author: Dean Christensen

Educator, copyeditor, writer, baseball bug, word lover, book hound, guitar picker, classical music aficionado, classic rock 'n' roll and movie buff, sinner, saint, former this, used-to-be that, and future who-knows-what. Every day is an adventure in learning how to make the world a better place--grammatically, anyway.

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